golden dog Coup looking directly at camera

Hello. My name is Coup and I’m an almost 11-year-old female Chow Mix. I’ve been told numerous times how beautiful I am. I recently came into Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® for my regular wellness physical examination. At that time the veterinarian talked to my mom about doing annual wellness blood work. Even though I am happy and healthy, she agreed to do it.

Surprisingly, my mom got a call the next day from the Doctor telling her that my liver enzymes were really high. Well, that was a surprise to me because I felt so good, I was eating well, normal bowel movements, and acting as I usually do—of course, that means very happy, playful, and well-behaved.

golden dog Coup lying on park bench watching the world go by

Mom decided to have the values rechecked and they were still high. It was decided for me to have something called an abdominal ultrasound where they could look at my liver. The Doctor found that I had what is called a gallbladder mucocele and apparently it is very dangerous. In fact, the walls of the gall bladder had started to rupture. I went to surgery and had my gallbladder removed.

I didn’t feel so good right after the surgery but I was soon back to my happy and playful self. I overheard my mom talking to the Doctor about how if I hadn’t been taken to surgery soon, that my gallbladder would have ruptured and I would have died.

Thank you, Claws & Paws, for taking such good care of me and thank you, mom, for being such a wonderful owner!

Love, Coup!

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