hand holding phone and making payment via mobile pay

Do you like to pay using your Phone?

As you know, we at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® try to stay at the forefront of patient and client care. We have an extensive YouTube Channel with many educational videos, such as How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears, What’s Included in a Physical Exam (at Claws & Paws), Laser Therapy, Feline Acupuncture, etc. We have an extensive library of information available here on our website as well.

We were the first veterinary hospital to bring you a Mobile App, Text Messaging and even Claws & Paws Gift Cards. We are constantly working to add services and features that our clients want and from which they can benefit. And, now we’re introducing Phone Pay. If you are one that likes to pay for your services using your smartphone, we’re happy to inform you that you can now pay using this method at Claws & Paws.

If you haven’t used this method of payment before, there are a few smartphone payment options, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Visit the appropriate website for your device to learn about your options and how to set your phone up for this type of payment. Then, the next time you’re at Claws & Paws, use your phone to pay for services. It is estimated that mobile payments will surpass $34 Billion by 2019 (source: time.com).

According to Time, paying with your smartphone is actually safer than using a credit card. Despite consumers’ fears, paying with a mobile device may actually be safer than using a credit card, says Bryan Yeager, an analyst who covers emerging digital trends for eMarketer. Most apps generate a unique bar code for each transaction instead of sending card digits into the ether. Apple Pay doesn’t store your credit card info at all; your device is linked to your card with a special code. At the register, the phone sends a one-time-use security code, or “token,” to the merchant that would be meaningless to hackers; you authorize the purchase via fingerprint, which provides extra protection.