The Secret Life of Pets

This past weekend marks the long-awaited release of The Secret Life of Pets 2. In anticipation, some of our staff have made PetMojis of our own pets. You can see them below, as well as follow this link to make one of your own pet. We’d love to see what yours looks like. If you make your own, please send them to us so we can share them with everyone. Send photos to so we can share them.


frankie bulldog with pet emoji that looks like her

Frankie is one of two English Bulldogs that live in the Wickel household. Maggie is the other one (not pictured), but we’re unsure which one is the “calm” one.


great dane dog with emoji that looks like him

Carl is one very happy, some would say “goofy” dog. He is one handsome boy and is owned by the daughter (Morgan) of our Client Liason, Christina.


black cat abby with pet emoji that looks like her

Many of you will know Abby as our clinic cat. She lived here at the clinic with us for a number of years. She was very comfortable here and loved seeing us every day. Sadly, we lost her in January, 2019.


black and white dog with pet emoji that looks like her

Betty is the sweet, lovable girl that belongs to our Office Manager, Haley.


black and white cat with emoji that looks like him

Banya is the cat that belongs to our Hospital Administrator, Dorian. There are two dogs in the house and Banya is definitely in charge.


golden retriever Gus with secret life of pets emoji

Gus was Robin’s kiddo. If you’ve talked to Robin for any longer than about five minutes, you’ve probably heard about Gus… and even seen a photo or two of him; like the one on the lobby wall shaking the water off his neck.


white dog myrtle with secret life of pets emoji

Myrtle is the sweetest girl around and she is Kristen’s baby. She is a beautiful mixed girl and Kristen says she likes to lay round.


white and red cat with Secret life of pets emoji

Tigger is another one of Kristen’s babies, only Tigger is a little more rambunctious than Mytrle. In fact, Tigger likes to take things that don’t belong to him.

Remember to send your photos to