A Rescue Point of View

My View Through The Front Room Window

India – Happy at Home

It is really fun to sit and look as life passes by my window. People, people coming and going, little people getting on buses, adults checking their mail, cars and more cars and trucks as well, people walking for exercise, others mowing the grass or checking on a friend nearby. All is good. I really enjoy my life looking past the beautiful roses and flowers and tree and seeing the world out there. It is peaceful, secure and quiet on my side of the window. I love to look out without going out.

Once upon a time I was not sure this would ever be my life. I was lost, in danger often, strange people in my life, cars and trucks racing past, a victim of unwanted approaches; I could be a dead dog. Happily, I am now on the inside looking out not on the outside looking in wondering what life would be like in there. I have been known to run away but no more, I like it on the inside of the window. So, now, I am happy, loved and cared for. I love the view and my home. I have learned to smile alot.

Occasionally, I leave my post where I look out the front window and go out in back of my home. It is paradise out there. It smells so very, very good. The flowers, the grass, the blooms on the tree, a fence, all make me feel so lucky to be here. Sometime I can’t control my joy so I run and run sometimes in circles. I suppose running in circles seems so silly but I like to do it and it comes naturally for me.

India – Watching All the People

Oh yes, there are two humans in my life every day. They are very kind to me, especially the pretty one. She lets me lie on her lap and sleep a lot and she shares her iPad with me as well. Since I am still learning to overcome my tough and scary beginning in life, I am still learning to communicate with them. Soon, I will have them both trained but now we have a few tricks to learn.

They love to play ball, and they read a lot and they look at this talking picture in this big room. They take me outside and force me to …will they force me too. You know what I mean. Most days they are gone a lot but I am happy to see them when they come home.

The pretty one comes into my room with the window and makes a lot of noise, music I think it is called, and she talks a lot in that room as well. She seems to enjoy that. But I can tell you this; she does not enjoy it as much as I love to be on the inside of the window looking out and not outside looking in.

My view from the front window it wonderful and I enjoy it very much and never want it to end.

Thank you to Mr. Glen Liston, for submitting this article. Mr. Liston is one of our clients and the owner of India.

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