Educational Items

We believe in Education! We provide clients with the information they need to make the best decisions regarding their pets. Whether you are a client at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® or not, we want your pet(s) to be Healthy, and the best way for clients to do this, is by knowing what is needed. Please use the following links to access the different types of education tools we provide…all for FREE!

Website ButtonYou’ve already found our Website, but we would still encourage you to take some time to look it over. We are constantly adding and updating pages on our website, and by looking through our site, you will likely find some very informative articles, posts or resources you like and can use. Our website is also optimized for mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. While not all of the information from our full website in available on our mobile website, we have included the most accessed information for these devices.

Educational TracksEducational Videos in the form or our Staff-Produced, Video Series, known as Educational Tracks. This is where we provide video demonstrations on the proper way (how our doctor’s recommend) to do different things. For example, our first Education Track video was the “Veterinary Physical Exam”, where Dr. Julie Wickel shows us step-by-step, what should be included in any thorough Veterinary Physical Exam. We also have videos on the “Proper Way to Clean Your Pet’s Ears”; if don’t incorrectly, you can do more harm than good. We even sometimes post videos of our staff just having fun.

Live Seminars – there is where we invite the general public to join us for an evening or afternoon of learning. We cover such topics as “End of Life Choices”, “So, You Have a New Kitten, Now What?” or the “Training Your New Puppy”. We call this series our “Sit, Stay, Learn” Educational Series, and you can find more information on upcoming live events here. We are constantly taking suggestions for future productions, so if you have an idea of a topic you would like for us to discuss on one of our live chats, please visit this page and complete the short form and we’ll let you know when we provide that class.

Quarterly PrintsNewsletters – this is also a staff written and produced project, where we email out quarterly our newsletter, appropriately titled “Quarterly Prints“. We provide helpful articles on the happenings of the clinic as well as timely, seasonal information on such things as Holiday Hazards, New Products or Services are Preventative recommendations. This is an on-going project that the staff takes great pride in. The next time you’re in the clinic, of if you want to call and speak with our Client Relations Coordinator, we can add your email address to our database and you’ll receive this quarterly publication automatically.

HandoutsFor the more commonly used subject matter, we have our staff-created Client Handouts that we “handout” to clients when they are in the building. Because we know we have visitors to our website from all over the world, we have provided these handouts on our website as well. Again, you can print these or download them so you can share with your friends. The information on these handouts range from Acupuncture to Senior Pets, to Vaccines we Recommend. Please feel free to share this information with your friends.

RSS FeedsRSS Feed (Real Simple Syndication) – this is where we post time-sensitive information, such as community involvement in the the City of Pearland’s Trick or Treat Trail or Preparing Pets for a Hurricane. If there is a new product that we think you need to know about, we’ll share it here. If you have an RSS, NewsFeed or PodCast App on your smart phone, you can received these directly to your phone. These also post directly to our Mobile App as well in the form of News RSS Feed. If you have a NewsFeed App that requires you to enter the feed address, it is

Mobile AppIn addition to all of these things listed, we also have a Mobile App, which allows you to have all of this information on your smartphone, ready at the tap of the screen. Our Mobile App offers information you can’t get anywhere else, such as navigation (turn-by-turn) instructions to each Emergency or Specialty Clinic in the Grater Houston Area. You can order products from the app and stop by the clinic and pick your item up; be in-and-out in minutes. You can also submit photos for inclusion in the album section of our app, and much, much more…all at the tap of the screen.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Social Media Sites. We are on several Social Media Sites because we know not everyone uses the same applications or sites to obtain information. If you’re on a site we’re not, let us know and we’ll see about adding this to our list.