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Did you know that we offer outreach programs for schools, 4-H clubs, Scouts, and other groups? At Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® we think that education is important! We are happy to provide your group with interactive programs on a variety of veterinary and animal-related topics. We can come out to your school or club and occasionally we provide on-site programs here at our hospital. If your students are interested in animals or veterinary medicine; please contact us! We’d love to come to talk with your group!

Program options include:

  • Dog Bite Prevention

Dog Bites are all too common and often are completely preventable. Children are statically most at risk for a dog bite. During this presentation we will discuss: safe interaction with family pets, approaching unfamiliar dogs, dog body language, and ways to ensure that kids and dogs have great relationships.

  • Veterinary Medicine as a Career

Did you know that veterinarians and veterinary technicians not only work to provide our pets with the best healthcare, but some veterinarians work in the military, the government, and even protect endangered species? This program discusses the many options available for careers in veterinary medicine.

  • Which Pet is Right for Me?

Owning a pet is a big commitment! Choosing the right pet for your family is an important part of pet ownership. During this program we will discuss the facts on a variety of animal species. From cats and dogs to snakes and turtles, we’ll discuss important factors in choosing a pet.

  • The Science Behind Veterinary Medicine

Making good grades in math and science is important to being a veterinarian, but why? Did you know that a microscope is one of the most important tools a veterinarian uses? Or that a decimal point can mean the difference between life and death for an animal? In this class, we’ll discover how veterinarians use math and science every day to help animals.

  • What do Veterinarians do?

I want to be a veterinarian or a veterinary technician because I want to work with animals! While it’s true we do work with animals, our jobs are so much more! From saving lives to cleaning cages, this class is a comprehensive look at what veterinary medicine really looks like.
Please let us know how we can assist your group. Contact Christina at 281.997.1426 or

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