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Career Opportunities

Looking for a job opportunity where you actually enjoy getting up and going to work? You’ll find that right here in our outstanding group of professionals who enjoy laughing and having fun together while at the same time providing excellent medical care and client service.
We are always looking for exceptional people to work with us at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital®.  Our healthcare team is made up of talented, hard-working, dedicated, friendly and fun-loving people who love animals.
Not only do we love animals, but we also love people too. There is nothing quite as special as the relationship our owners have with their pets.
Claws & Paws works closely with the local school to help place students for intern/extern positions, often leading to long-term employment. Some of the schools Claws & Paws works with and from where some of our current employees trained include:

Sometimes the best way to get into a veterinary facility, when you lack experience, is to either volunteer or to train through one of the local facilities. There are differences in the programs regarding the length of time and accreditation, so be sure you are getting what you expect.
If this sounds like your kind of place, please print out an Employment Application, scan it and send it with an email to or you can just bring it by our office. We may or may not have any positions available at the time you email us, but during each year, we typically hire several new employees.

Employment Application
Please select the position for which you are applying.
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If you answered \"no\" to the question above, please skip. If you answered \"yes\", please explain the circumstances.
Please list what degree or certification you received (if completed).
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By checking the boxes below you state that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions set forth. All three boxes must be checked to continue with this online application. If you have a question about this application, please contact us.

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