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I need an appointment or appointments, but I can’t always get one right when I need one. Why is that?

We are never too busy to see a patient, especially if he or she is having an emergency. All emergencies are assessed as they come in the door and if deemed necessary, we will move them to the front of the line and will see before scheduled appointments.

Open times fill up fast and same day appointments for non-emergency services will certainly be open to you as long as they are available. Unfortunately, this is not generally the case. We typically fill up a couple of days in advance. If you are in need of an appointment on Monday, we recommend scheduling the appointment by Thursday, the week before…at a minimum. While to do sometimes have appointment times available for the same day, these are generally for limited times during the day.

We do occasionally have cancelled appointments and you can get one of those appointment times, if you call at the right time. In addition to this, if one of our doctors has additional time where they are “ahead of schedule” they may open up additional time slots.

We do not encourage you to just “walk-in”, we understand that sometimes this can’t be avoided. If you walk-in with your pet and do not have an appointment and it is not an emergency, we will still try to see your pet, but we ask that you understand will work to fit your pet in as soon as time becomes available. Our doctors and staff strive to give each pet the attention they deserve, and sometimes, that causes delays. We hope you understand this as we intend to give you the same level of care and attention when it is your turn to be seen.

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