Back to School 2015

Back to School Wellness Screening

We all understand the importance of Wellness Bloodwork Screenings for ourselves, particularly as we age. We may, however, not realize how important these same screenings are for our pets.

Take into consideration that pets age 5 to 7 times faster than we do and one can see the importance of these screening early in our pet’s lives. Skipping bloodwork one or two years can make a difference in catching health problems early enough to treat with early diagnosis and treatment of disease, such as kidney, liver or diabetes treatment options are generally much more successful.

Come in between now and the end of August (Aug 31, 2015) for your pet’s Wellness Bloodwork Screening, and you’ll get a free back-to-school backpack. We have many to choose from, and you can pick the one that’s best for you or your child. In addition, each backpack has a free Goodie Token in it. This token allows you to receive one of a few items from around town.

We are also giving away a free Kindle Fire HD to one lucky client. In addition to the free backpack and Goodie Token, you’ll be entered into a drawing, to be held on September 1, 2015 for this free Kindle Fire HD.

Note: If you have multiple pets that receive a Wellness Screen during this time, you will receive a free backpack and entry for each one.

If you would prefer to turn around and donate your backpack to the YMCA’s Operation Backpack, you can do so right here in our lobby as we are a drop-off location as well.

To schedule your pet’s Wellness Screen appointment, contact us at 281.997.1426 or complete our online appointment request form.

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