Back to School Doggie Blues

Studies show that dogs can get the “back to school doggie blues” just like parents can. As parents, we are so focused on our children and getting them ready and off to school, that we sometimes forget that our pets have gotten used to the kids being around all summer.

Now that our kids are back in school, and we work get use to the “new normal” in our household, take some time and give a little extra attention to our four-legged family members. Watch for symptoms like lack of energy, loss of appetite, not being interested in playing, or just staying off in the other room. These can be signs that your pet is depressed.

Remember that your pets have become used to the high activity level of the summer and the sudden change in energy can often wreak havoc on our own emotions. It can be the same for our pets as well.

You may be asking yourself what you can do to help during this transition time. Have someone in your home get up a little earlier each school day morning and take your dog for a walk, or just spend a little extra time with him/her before everyone is off for the day. When everyone leaves the house, don’t make a really big deal about leaving and be sure to greet your pet when you return. Spend a little time each evening on a short walk, or playing with your pet. Cats can suffer from depression as well, so don’t forget about them.

In an effort to assist, we are providing free treats to anyone that comes in with their pet for an appointment this week. Call us today to schedule your appointment. We often have more appointment availability during the first week of school at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® as everyone is focused on getting their kids off to school, so scheduling your appointment for this week, might just be a good choice.

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