Best Of Living Magazine 2017

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We were recently notified by Living Magazine, Pearland-Friendswood edition that readers have voted us as the “best of“… for category or veterinarian in the Friendswood / Pearland area for the fifth year in a row. We are honored that the community has voted for us again. We know this is not the end, and we will continue working to keep your business.

We have been sending out surveys to clients over the past years. You have spoken and we have listened. Some recent changes include updated landscaping, newly updated signage and updated floors in our exam rooms. We have extended the hours available for appointments, we have improved access to your baby’s records and are currently working on improving our Website and Mobile App. We have increased our education efforts in our Quarterly Prints Newsletter, Educational Tracks Video Series (YouTube Channel), Facebook Live and client handouts.

We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us. We are once again humbled by this recognition. We would also like to thank all of our clients who have allowed us to care for your family over the past 20 years. We are thankful that the Pearland community continues to grow and we thank you for allowing us to serve you.

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You can refer your friends to us and feel confident that we will treat their pets the same as we treat yours. In addition to this award, Claws & Paws continues to be recognized for our outstanding service across the board, including the Pearland JournalFacebookGoogle and we are a multi-year recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

Don’t forget to Save the Date. We are celebrating 20 Years in service. We are holding an Open House on Saturday, October 14th, 2017. We have lots of fun activities planned. Some of these include hospital tours, educational opportunities, and free goodies. Visit our Open House page to learn more about the events planned.

Thank you once again to all those who continue to support us here at Claws & Paws. We look forward to 20 more years in Pearland.

Bladder Stones

Bladder Stones



Hello! My name is Joey and I am a 4 ½ year old very handsome, male orange tabby. I recently had trouble urinating. On examination they found blood in my urine. I was treated for an infection but it came back. So I had a funny exam called an x-ray where they took a picture of my tummy. I heard the Doctor tell my mommy that I had something called bladder stones. What are those?

Bladder stones (uroliths) are more common in dogs than cats. Sometimes stones can block the urethra which can be life threatening. Stones can occur because of an infection and/or the body’s the reaction to diet. Bladder stones may start off small, but over time they can get quite big. There are many different types of stones. Cats commonly form either struvite (magnesium phosphate) or calcium oxalate stones.

Sometimes the crystals are seen on urinalysis. Stones may also be palpated in the bladder on occasion. Stones are usually identified by means of radiographs (x-rays) or ultrasound.

Treatment can depend on the type of stone. Struvite stones may respond (dissolve) to dietary therapy and oral antibiotics over the period of a few months. Calcium Oxalates will not respond to conservative medical therapy. These need to be removed surgically. Surgery is also an option for struvite stones.

If stones are removed surgically from the bladder (a cystotomy), they are sent out to a lab for analysis. Further treatment and prevention is based upon the stone analysis.

If you see the following signs in your cat: straining/posturing to urinate but there is no or very little urine in the box, crying when urinating, spending a lot of time in the box, not eating, vomiting, hiding, and/or painful when you touch the abdomen: you need to call your veterinarian and bring your pet into the clinic immediately. It can be a life-threatening situation when your cat becomes blocked and cannot urinate.

For more questions, please do not hesitate to call and talk with one of our friendly staff.



Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions

joey-forlHello! My name is Joey and I am a 4 ½ year old male, very handsome orange tabby. I had severe gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and bad breath, so my mommy brought me to Claws & Paws to have my teeth cleaned.

They performed x-rays of my teeth along with an in-depth oral examination and found that several of my teeth had problems. I believed they said I had multiple FORL’s (Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions). What the heck are those? All I know is that when I woke up I had several teeth missing.

FORL’s are cavities (resorptive lesions) in the teeth. These lesions may be above or below the gum line. Teeth x-rays and a thorough oral examination are the best means of identifying these. By three years of age, over 50% of cats will have at least one tooth affected by this disease. Rarely will dogs have this condition. Cause and cure is unknown at this time. These lesions are extremely painful and treatment is to extract the tooth. Affected cats usually have pain and spasming of the jaw when affected teeth are probed (even under anesthesia). Other clinical signs may be bleeding from the mouth, difficulty eating, and excessive salivation.

If you see the above clinical signs or suspect that your cat may have this condition, please call our hospital at 281.997.1426 and speak with one of our friendly staff. We are here to help you! If you would like to request an appointment online, you can do so now at

Living 2016

Living Magazine – Best of 2016

Best of Living 4-TimeWe can’t believe it! Claws & Paws has once again been voted by the readers of Living Magazine, Pearland-Friendswood edition, as the best veterinarian in the Friendswood / Pearland area. We are very excited to accept this award for the fourth year in a row. We are honored that the community has voted for us again. We know this is not the end, and we will continue working to keep your business.

We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us. We are humbled by this recognition. We would also like to thank all of our clients who have allowed us to care for your family over the past 18+ years. We are thankful that the Pearland community continues to grow and we thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Click here or on the image to the right to view all of this year’s winners.

You can refer your friends to us, and feel confident that we will continue our work in setting the standard of care and customer services for them and for you. In addition to this award, Claws & Paws continues to be lauded across the board, including the Pearland Journal, Facebook, Google and we are a multi-year recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

Thank you once again to all those who have, and continue to support us here at Claws & Paws.

Regular Wellness Blood Testing Saved My Life!!!

Regular Wellness Blood Testing Saved My Life!!!

Coup 3Hello. My name is Coup and I’m an almost 11-year-old female Chow Mix. I’ve been told numerous times how beautiful I am. I recently came into Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® for my regular wellness physical examination. At that time the veterinarian talked to my mom about doing annual wellness blood work. Even though I am happy and healthy, she agreed to do it.

Surprisingly, my mom got a call the next day from the Doctor telling her that my liver enzymes were really high. Well, that was a surprise to me because I felt so good, I was eating well, normal bowel movements, and acting as I usually do—of course, that means very happy, playful, and well-behaved.

Coup 2Mom decided to have the values rechecked and they were still high. It was decided for me to have something called an abdominal ultrasound where they could look at my liver. The Doctor found that I had what is called a gallbladder mucocele and apparently it is very dangerous. In fact, the walls of the gall bladder had started to rupture. I went to surgery and had my gall bladder removed.

I didn’t feel so good right after the surgery but I was soon back to my happy and playful self. I overheard my mom talking to the Doctor about how if I hadn’t been taken to surgery soon, that my gallbladder would have ruptured and I would have died.

Thank you, Claws & Paws, for taking such good care of me and thank you, mom, for being such a wonderful owner!

Love, Coup!

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New Strain of Flu in Dogs

Dog Flu (Influenza)

Are you concerned about the dog flu? Here is some helpful information on what you should know about this new strain of dog flu.

Dogs with the flu may have mild to severe symptoms, just like humans do. Your dog may have a decreased appetite, high fever, cough, eye and nasal discharge, and decreased energy.

Myrtle FluThe flu is spread through dog-to-dog contact, air contamination and contact with contaminated surfaces. Treatment is supportive care–rest, fluids, medications, and sometimes antibiotics are needed.

The first strain of flu virus, H3N8, was first identified in dogs in the United States in 2004 and this is the vaccine that your pet currently receives at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital®.

A new strain of flu, H3N2, was first identified in the United States in early 2015. Dogs with this strain of flu may show more severe signs, or none at all. It has been documented that this strain of flu may also infect cats. A new vaccine is available for this strain of flu in dogs.

At this time there have been no diagnosed cases in the Houston or Pearland area. While our stance of vaccines is moderation, we are closely watching the situation to assess if there is a need for this new vaccine. Unfortunately, there is no cross-protection between the vaccines.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 281.997.1426, or email at with any concerns or questions that you may have about these two strains of flu.

Costco in Pearland

Costco is Coming to Pearland

Costco Shopping CartYou’ve probably heard that Costco Wholesale is coming to Pearland. We’re excited, and we’re sure that you probably are as well. Their Grand Opening event is schedule for Thursday, November 12th.

They are currently putting their final touches on the facility, located at S.H. 288 at C.R. 58. The address is 3500 Business Center Drive, Pearland, TX 77584.

If you don’t have a membership to Costco yet, we’re here to help. We have partnered with Costco, and they will be coming to Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital on the morning of Friday, November 20, 2015.

At this event, scheduled from 7:30am – 9:00am, you can not only get your membership, but if you sign up as a New Executive Member, you’ll receive $20.00 Costco Cash Card and $55.00 in coupons for FREE products and other great savings.

If you only want to get a new Gold Star or Business Members account, you’ll still get a $10.00 Costco Cash Card. There is no need to register, simply stop by Claws & Paws at 2556 E. Broadway, Pearland, TX 77581 between 7:30a – 9:00a on November 20th.

Like other wholesale clubs, you can get deep discounts on bulk items, but you can also get deep discounts on smaller quantity items as well. With the holiday season now in full swing, your new membership could pay for itself with one major purchase, a large screen TV for example.

Membership also provides additional benefits as well, such as discounts on travel, car rentals, etc.

We look forward to seeing you at this event, and are excited to be working with Costco and to officially welcome them to Pearland.

Halloween is Less Fun For Our Pets

Halloween is Less Fun For Our Pets

For many, Halloween is the unofficial start to the holiday season, and while we may really enjoy this time, it is not so much fun for our pets. They often become stressed during this time of year, it with holidays occurring monthly for the last three months of the year, it could turn our good vibe into a stress-filled time of year.

Between the loud noises, lots of strangers in the house and the constant door bell ringing, many pets become stressed.

Loud noises can cause fear and anxiety for pets of all kinds, including dogs and cats and even horses. It is best to keep dogs and cats a safe distance from the activity – indoors is best. Create a “safe place” inside that the pet knows and is comfortable in. For pets with severe noise phobias, a veterinarian can prescribe anti-anxiety drugs or sedatives to help ease the stress.

When it’s time for the Trick-or-Treaters, the constant door bell ringing and knocking may create a lot of nervousness in our pets. Also, repeatedly opening doors to greet trick-or-treaters can increase the chances of pets escaping out the door. Cats are safer in a pet carrier or in a closed room where they can’t escape. We have all heard the dangers of black cats and Halloween. While most people are nice and would never do anything to a cat; unfortunately, there are a few “bad seeds” that we have to watch out for. We recommend keeping your pet’s inside over Halloween, just to be safe.

If you’re hosting a Halloween Party, brushing up on obedience training with your pet before the party may help a dog who has become a little rusty in this area. Be sure to inform your visitors of any household ‘rules’ or problem behaviors concerning your pets, e.g., sneaking out the door, jumping up on the couch, getting food from the table, etc.

For those pets that are extremely nervous anyway, try placing them in a separate room, using pet gates, or having them stay at a friend’s house during a party may be necessary.  Sometimes, boarding a dog in a kennel may be the safest and less stressful alternative for our pets and for us.

If you still have concerns beyond this short article, please contact us at 281.997.1426 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss your specific questions.

System Upgrades – Email Address Needed

System Upgrades

As many of you know, Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® upgraded our Veterinary Practice Management Software at the end of July, 2015. We have been using the same software for the past 15 plus years and with this change, we are now much more current with our technology.

Computer with Website (Updated)We have gone through this process in order to provide better service for you, our client. There are a number of new features that come with this change, some of which you will not be visible to you, but some that you will see. This change helps us move to a paperless, or at least a “less paper” environment. We are able to better track our interactions with you and your pet, and provide some streamlined services. This new system communicates well with all our peripheral devices, such as our in-house laboratory equipment as well as our outside laboratory facility, resulting in more accurate tracking.

Our radiology and ultrasound equipment also integrates with the system, allowing your pet’s diagnostic imagery to be attached to your pet’s record, which will allow quicker access and keeps all information at the touch of a button. Well, the click of a mouse. We are able to email you any information more easily from our system, such as estimates, invoices, lab results, complete patient history, etc. with a couple of clicks of the mouse. We often have clients sign consent forms for surgery, dentals, etc. With this change in software, you will now be able sign some of these documents electronically. Much like you would sign a document or credit card transactions at your local bank or grocery store.

We are also able to send reminders to you, regarding your pet’s medical needs, more easily and you will receive it quicker through email. As a result, we will no longer be sending out reminders through the U.S. Postal Service as of January 1, 2016. Some have been receiving duplicate reminders, through email and post cards, and this should stop in the coming months.

Email ButtonAs a result of this, we would like to ask that you provide us with your email address so that you can continue to receive these important reminders. Please call us at (281) 997-1426 let us know the next time you are in so we can update your information, or better yet, you can complete this short form, and we’ll update your information before your next visit.

We know that many have the concern of spam messages, and the idea of receiving junk email, or you email address being shared with someone else makes your skin crawl. Trust us, we know the feeling and we would never trade, sell or share your email address with anyone. We don’t want that of our own email, so we won’t do that to you. Your email address will be kept confidential and will only be used for communication from us to you. We do use an outside service (ePetHealth) for your on-line access to pet records and our online store, but they are an extension of us and they will not share your information either.

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Get On Track With Heartworm Prevention

Get On Track With Heartworm Prevention

HeartwormHeartworm disease is definitely a problem here in Texas. It is a potentially fatal disease that is spread to both dogs and cats via mosquitoes. The good news is, it is completely preventable; and better yet, it is easy to prevent. While the cost of prevention may seem high to some pet owners, the cost is actually quite low, especially when compared to the cost of treatment of an infected pet.

Heartworm Prevention can range anywhere from about $80.00 per year for a small dog to around $240.00 per year for a larger dog (when combined with flea prevention). While this may seem high, or out of the budget of some clients; the cost of treatment for a dog that becomes infected with Heartworms can exceed $1,200. (Often much higher if treated under emergency situations). Sadly, a small number of pets don’t survive the treatment itself because of how much damage has already been done to the body.

Treatment for one pet that becomes infected with Heartworms can cost as much as prevention for seven years or longer.

One surprising fact: One Heartworm positive dog in the neighborhood (this can be someone’s pet or a stray) will result in 74% of the mosquitoes having infected Heartworm larvae. This means that your pet, if not on Heartworm prevention, is at an even greater risk.

Heartworm Infected HeartDid you know that an adult Heartworm can measure up to 14 inches long and can lodge in the heart and major blood vessels? This can cause irreversible changes to the heart muscle, as well as damaging your pet’s lungs causing a cough or shortness of breath on walks, etc.

If pets go untreated, likely outcomes are congestive heart failure, fluid accumulation in the pet’s abdomen and decreased lung capacity. All of these lead to a very uncomfortable (and potentially fatal) scenario for pets.

Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® has made it easy and convenient for your pet to get his/her Heartworm prevention each month, and we’ll even help remind you, if you want.

Note: All we need is proof that he/she has been tested and is negative for the disease and a physical examination has been performed here within the last year. This test must have been completed within the past twelve months. If your puppy is under the age of six months, no test is required.

  • You can stop by the clinic and pick up your pet’s prevention today.
  • You can search and pay for your pet’s Heartworm prevention on our Mobile App. Once you’ve done this, give us a couple of hours and then you can simply stop by and pick up your completed order. Think of it as “take out” for your pet.
  • You can order online through our website. Simply click the “Online Store” at the top of the page. This is the method to use to have your products delivered directly to your door.

Get Monthly Reminders

  • Mobile App OrderWith our Online Store, you can choose “auto ship” and your product will be billed and shipped monthly. While the cost is slightly higher than ordering a six or twelve month supply, it is a great reminder each month. When your product arrives, it’s time to give it to your pet.
  • If you would prefer to receive a text message each time your pet’s medication is due, simply complete the form on our Text Message Reminders page, and you’ll receive just that, a text message delivered right to your phone, at a time that is convenient for you. You tell us when you want to receive it and that’s when we’ll send it.
  • This feature also works for other medications as well. The best part is, you can stop this reminder any time you want. Simply send us an email at telling us to cancel it.

If you don’t already have our Free Mobile App, download it here or search Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® in the app store.