How would you like to check in from your vehicle at your next veterinary appointment? Anyone that has been in Houston during one of our hot Texas, albeit normal, summers knows just how hot it can get here in the great state of Texas. Just as your air conditioner gets cool enough to bear being in your car, you arrive at your destination, your veterinary hospital. Or, maybe your favorite song is playing on the radio, you’re listening to a great podcast or audiobook, and it’s at the best part; but you’ve arrived!

You turn your car off, let your pet out of the car only to enter the building and find that the veterinarian is dealing with an emergency and is running a little behind. Great! How long will you have to wait in the reception area, with no radio, podcast or audiobook?

Worse yet, your pet doesn’t really like other pets, but here you are, waiting in the lobby with other pets. Then there’s that pet owner who is using the 30-foot retractable leash as a 30-foot leash. You also have your kids with you and they know we have a candy bowl on our counter.

What if you could check in from your car without ever getting out of the nice, cool, air-conditioned car? That would be awesome, right?! Well, we’re excited to announce that now you can. We’ve created a Mobile Check-In feature where all you have to do is text us when you arrive and we’ll let you know when your room is ready. You can stay in the comfort of your own vehicle, finish that great song that reminds you of your youth, or just not have to struggle with the kids and all the other pets in our lobby.

How does it work? Text us your pet’s name to 254.294.CPVH (2784) and that you’ve arrived. You can even include a photo of your little guy or gal. If you’d like to include more information, you can. We’ll let you know we got the message, and as soon as your pet’s room is available, we’ll let you know we’re ready. When you come in, you’ll go straight to an exam room. No stopping in the reception area.

If you need help getting your pet(s) in, just let us know and someone will be out shortly to assist you. We’re excited to add this additional level of service to the industry-leading services we already offer.