Is Your Pet’s Microchip Registered?

Does your pet have a microchip? If so, is it properly registered? We would suggest that you check for yourself. Visit and see what others find if they find your pet and scan him or her. A large number of animal facilities, including Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital®, use this website to locate owners when pets are found and a microchip is present.

Using this website, you can see if your pet’s microchip is registered to you or to the business that implanted the microchip. If your pet’s microchip is not registered to you, or at all, you will see that the website lists the manufacturer of the microchip it believes to be correct, and a phone number where you can contact them. You may, depending on the microchip number, see more than one suggested manufacturer listed.

If you find that your pet’s microchip is not correctly registered to you, please contact the manufacturer immediately to do so, or you can use one of a few online sites to register your pet for free.

If your pet doesn’t have a microchip currently, Call now to schedule an appointment at (281) 997-1426,we can get you in and out in a matter of minutes and for only $40.00, your pet will have his or her own unique microchip number and be registered within hours.

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