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Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce the addition of a Mobile App for both Android and Apple devices. With the addition of this technology, clients can stay “up-to-date” on the latest happenings at Claws and Paws, view our latest Press Releases, Newsletters (Quarterly Prints), Live Seminars (Sit, Stay, Learn), Request Appointments, Submit photos for inclusion with our other family members, and much more. Packed full with the latest technology, you can even submit a voice-recorded question for your favorite doctor, using the “Ask the Doctor” tab.

We understand this is new technology and look forward to expanding its capabilities, to include requesting boarding reservations. We are working to include our common Client Forms (New Clients, Medical Treatment, etc) so that you can complete these forms prior to visiting our facility to help speed up the process.

We also understand that the greatest compliment you can give us is the recommendation of us to a friend or family member. We are looking for ways to make this easier for you to do by recommending us via this technology. Update: follow the Reviews tab to quickly access multiple review sites where you can leave a positive review for your experience with Claws & Paws.

We hope that you bear with us as we work to improve this technology. We built this application with you in mind and we readily accept your suggestions on how to make this application work better for you, our client.

In addition to our Mobile App, we now offer Text Reminders. Instead of a phone call from us, you can “opt in” to our Text Reminder system and receive a text confirmation. This too, is new technology, but we are always looking at ways to better serve our clients and we think this is one way to do so. Enter your phone number into the blank at the bottom of the page and then submit. Complete the process on your Mobile Device.

In the Mobile App Store search for “Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital“, or follow one of the two links below.

Unfortunately, our Mobile App is not currently supported on Windows Phones.

Update: October 2013

We realizes there have been issues with our Mobile App and we have been working to correct these issues and feel confident all the issues have been addressed. As with any technology, issues can arise at any time and we would encourage you to email our Hospital Administrator at any time you encounter such an issue. We really want to know anytime there is an issue with our technology and while we focus on maintaining this technology, we can always see everything, so you assistance is greatly appreciated.

Some of the glitches you may have seen include iPhone users seeing a screen (like the one to the right) where icons are visible, but the text for each link was not visible. While the links still work, this is not the way the app should appear. If you go into the iTune store and update the app, you should see this corrected. If this doesn’t correct the issue, un-installing the app and then re-installing it will certainly correct the issue.

If you are using an Android device, you may have the issue where you cannot see any of the photos using the Photo link. This was actually an issue with the Yahoo! Flickr! service and it’s application interface with our Mobile App. This issue too, has been corrected. If you go into the Google Play store and update the app, you should see this corrected.

There is an easy way to see if you have the latest version of our Mobile App. When we first launched the app, we had a square icon for the application and with the recent updates, we have changed it to reflect all of our other promotional and education items, the same logo but in the shape of a paw print instead of a square. Both icons are included here so you can see the difference.

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