Dental Polishing and Scaling

Dental Polishing & Scaling

Why we don’t offer a February discount anymore

We now offer our February dental special year-round!

This means that when you bring your pet in for a routine wellness visit, and the doctor recommends that your pet have their teeth cleaned, if you bring your pet back within 45 days of the recommendation, you will receive $50.00 off! The discount applies to the general anesthetic, dental cleaning and polishing, penicillin injection, full mouth x-rays and laser treatment. Should your pet require extractions, tooth bonding, medications going home, etc, the discount does not apply to these items/procedures.

We require pre-anesthetic blood work for all patients, so you can now take part in our wellness panel discount as well. Since your pet will be here for a wellness visit, we can draw the blood at this visit and send it to our lab. We typically receive the results the next day. This will save you a lot of money by doing this ahead of time instead of on the same day of the dental cleaning. If your pet is due for their annual heartworm test, not only will you receive the blood panel at a lower cost than having this done the same day of the dental, but you will also save an additional $25 if you have a wellness blood panel and heartworm test done at the same time! We can use the results from this wellness panel, provided you bring your pet back for their dental cleaning within 45 days.

Keeping your pet’s teeth free of buildup and tartar is much more than just helping them keep a pretty smile. Having a routine dental cleaning can help keep your pet healthier and live a happier and longer life. All pets are different, just as with humans. However, on a general rule of thumb, pets need to have their teeth cleaned every 1-2 years. Some pets may need the cleaning more frequently and some pets may be able to wait longer.

As we know, our four-legged friends age much, much quicker than us. Your dentist recommends a teeth cleaning for your teeth twice a year. In this same year, our pets have “aged” approximately 7 years. So, this once a year teeth cleaning for your pet – is the equivalent of having your own teeth cleaned once every 7 years! As you can imagine with this logic, problems can arise much quicker in our pets’ mouths than with ours. These issues can range from abscessed or cracked teeth, tartar and plaque buildup, gingivitis and teeth needing to be extracted. If these issues are not taken care of, these issues can lead to other health issues that can be detrimental to your pet’s overall health. Some of these issues include Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Eye/Sight problems, your pet experiencing pain, damage to the jaw bone, abscessed teeth and losing teeth.

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