Furbo Give Away

April is Flea & Tick Awareness Month

Have you heard of the Furbo Dog Camera? We believe that prevention is so important that we’re giving one away!

Ellen loves it so much she gave one away to everyone in her audience. She said the Furbo Dog Camera is a must have for every dog lover.

Unlike other home monitors or basic pet cameras, Furbo is designed just for dogs. Over 5,000 veterinarians and professional dog trainers approved! Furbo can alleviate separation anxiety in dogs. Plus, you can spy on your puppers.

It is a two-way communication (audio) tool that allows you to see (1080p Full HD) and speak to your baby using your phone. Similar to the Ring Doorbell Camera, Furbo has a “barking alert”. If your baby begins to bark, you will receive a push notification on your phone where you can click and be connected to your camera to see what he/she is barking at. Don’t worry; it has a custom detection sensitivity setting that you can adjust according to your dog.

Maybe the best part about the Furbo Dog Camera is that you can give your dog a treat from where ever you are. The Furbo has a treat dispenser that allows you to toss a couple of treats at the swipe of your phone. Don’t swipe left or right…instead, swipe up and you can see the treat go flying.

Now that you’re interested, you probably want to know what you have to do to win. It’s simple, get your pet’s Flea, Tick and/or Heartworm prevention and you’ll be entered to win a brand new Furbo Dog Camera.

It’s simple to enter.

  • Purchase a 6-month supply and get one entry.
  • Sign up for our monthly “Remind Me” dosing from our online store and get two entries.
  • Purchase a 12-month supply and get three entries.

And, if you’d prefer to purchase month-to-month prevention, you can sign up to receive your monthly “Remind Me” dosing from our online store and you’ll get two entries. What is “Remind Me” dosing? It’s simple, place your order in our online store for monthly Heartworm or Flea & Tick Prevention and you will receive your pet’s monthly dose shipped to you each month at the time it is due. Never forget to give your pet his/her prevention again. When you receive it in the mail, it means it’s time to give it. You’re only charged for the one dose each month.

If you purchase a 6-month flea & tick prevention and a 6-month Heartworm Prevention, you’ll get two entries. You can improve your odds of winning by getting multiple products. It’s not the $750 million Powerball, but your odds of winning are much better at Claws & Paws. Plus, your pet is being protected, and that is what’s important.

On May 1st, we’ll draw one ticket from all the entries and notify the winner.

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