Gerry Thornton

Gerry WebsiteLead Technician

Gerry is one of the longest term staff members at at Claws & Paws and is one of the two lead technicians. She began working at Claws & Paws on February 2, 1998. We’ve lost count of the number of years that she has been working as a Technician altogether, but it is 20+ years.

Gerry is a hard worker who is very dedicated to taking great care of your special baby. She assists in most major surgeries and takes pride in doing a great job in all of her duties.

Since she has been with Claws & Paws so long, she has many responsibilities within the Hospital. One of the most important is ordering and keeping track of the medicines we use.

She enjoys showing dogs at dog shows across the country both for her own pets and for other owners. she spends the majority of each year, showing various dogs at these shows. You may even have seen her at the world famous Westminster Dog Show in New York City.