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Want to Give Back?

What is The 12 Weeks of Giving Back?

This event has ended.

This is a 12 week give-back event for Pearland and surrounding communities. Several local businesses (see below) have come together in partnership to make this give-back event possible. This give-back event is designed to help someone (or a family) who may be down on their luck and could use some extra brightness during the upcoming holiday season. This give-back event is also designed to recognize someone who has done something wonderful for your family, their church, school, our community, etc. All too often, people go above and beyond to help so many, while asking for nothing in return. This is a way to recognize those individuals and to say Thank You.

The 12 Weeks of Giving Back begins the week of September 29th and goes all the way through Christmas week. There will be a new gift to give back to the community every week.

How can you participate?

Anyone can make a nomination, provided the nominee lives within the Pearland or immediate surrounding communities. Simply write a short essay (500 words or less), using the form below, nominating someone you know (you may nominate yourself), who is a bit down on their luck and could use some extra brightness, or someone who may deserve recognition for going above and beyond in our community.

Pearland or Immediate Surrounding Communities is defined as the areas of Pearland, Alvin, Liverpool, Manvel, Rosharon, Friendswood and within five (5) miles into South East Houston from the Pearland city limits.

Don’t want to nominate someone but you still want to help make a difference? You can! VOTE! Simply watch our Facebook Page, every week, for the top three nominations, which will be posted each Friday. Read the nominations and then vote for your favorite each week. Share your favorite on your own Facebook Page and ask your friends to vote! Anyone can vote. The essay/nomination with the most votes (likes) on Monday morning will be selected as the recipient of that particular week’s gift. You can truly make a difference in someone’s life – by voting and sharing their story!

What should be included in the nomination?

This short essay should include information about the person being nominated, which would include:

  • Why you have nominated him/her.
  • If the person you are nominating is a person in need, include why he/she could use some cheer around the holiday season.
  • If the person you are nominating is someone who you believe deserves recognition for a good deed, include what he/she has done to go above and beyond… Who is affected by his/her good deed and how they are affected?
  • To respect the privacy of the nominees, ALL names that are included in nominations will be omitted for posting.
  • There are strict deadlines each week for submitting nominations. Make sure you submit your nomination during the open nomination submission time-frame each week in order to be considered for that week’s gift.

How is the winner chosen each week?

Claws & Paws on Facebook

Each and every nomination submitted will be thoroughly read and taken into consideration to be the recipient of that week’s gift. The staff at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® will read each nomination and then vote on all essays submitted. The three essays chosen by Claws & Paws staff will be posted on Claws & Paws’ Facebook Page each week. Once the three nominations have been posted, it is up to you, our community, to vote and choose the recipient of that week’s gift. You, our community, are encouraged to share your favorite nomination on your own Facebook page encouraging your friends to vote for and share their favorite on their page as well. The nomination with the most votes “likes” on Monday morning – will be the recipient of that week’s gift. This is your chance to make a difference in someone’s life – by voting and sharing their story!


  • All nominees must live within Pearland or immediate surrounding communities. Pearland or Immediate Surrounding Communities is defined as the areas of Pearland, Alvin, Liverpool, Manvel, Rosharon, Friendswood and within five (5) miles into South East Houston from the Pearland city limits.
  • No purchase is necessary to submit a nomination essay and there is no entrance fee.
  • You may nominate someone you know, or nominate yourself.
  • Nominations must be 500 words or less and must be submitted using the Nomination form below.
  • There is no limit as to how many nominations you make; however, you may only submit one essay/nomination per nominee, per week. Nomination essays may be re-submitted for the same nominee in the following weeks if not selected as the recipient in previous weeks.
  • Limit of one recipient/gift per household for the duration of the twelve week give-back event. However, any nominee is eligible to be the recipient of the Total Smile Makeover (provided he/she meets all other requirements), even if he/she has been the recipient of a previous week’s gift.
  • All nominations must contain entrant’s name and phone number, as well as the nominee’s name and phone number. This information is used to contact the recipient of the weekly gift and will not be posted with the essay for voting.
  • If the nomination submitted contains the nominee’s name(s), they will be omitted prior to posting and voting. This is for the privacy of the nominee.
  • When submitting a nomination for the Total Smile Makeover, due to the in-depth medical nature of this gift, a photo must also accompany the nomination. The photo does not need to be a close-up of your nominee’s smile – any photo with your nominee smiling is acceptable. Only the doctors at Accent Dental Group will be viewing these photos and these photos will not be shared with anyone nor will they accompany nominations for voting.

Please follow this link to our Twelve Weeks Participant and Gifts page of all gifts for the entire 12 week event. Please also take some time to visit those businesses that have come together for this great event. Without the generosity of these businesses, the 12 Weeks of Giving Back wouldn’t be successful.

Our Local Community Supporters

  • Accent Dental
  • Texas Dorian Photography
  • MSR Houston
  • Neighborhood Emergency Center
  • Pearland 288 Animal Emergency Clinic
  • Pearland Pets
  • Pearland Tire & Auto
  • Pearland Vision
  • Sweet & Sassy
  • Texas Dive Center
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