Help Us Find Clawd

Clawd Is Lost and We Need Your Help Finding Him!

Beginning the first week of January 2015 (January 5th to be exact) we are going to post a weekly photo of the Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® mascot, Clawd (pictured to right). He has escaped from Claws & Paws and is on the loose, somewhere in the Greater Houston area. We’re not sure how far he will travel. What we do know, is that he got loose, and we need your help to find him.

While there are discrepancies in the number of pets lost each year (according to different reports), some estimates put the number in the millions. What is consistent in these different reports is that only about 15-20% of those pets reported lost, are actually returned to their owners.

While we can’t guarantee that our pet(s) won’t get lost, in the event it does happen, the best thing we can do is to search immediately, and start in the local area. Additionally, micro-chipping and wearing identification tags greatly increases the chances of pets being reunited with owners. Universal scanners, used by shelters and veterinary clinics across the country, help ensure that micro-chipped pets are reunited with their families when other means of identification is not present or available. Tags sometimes fall off or are removed.

Please help us find our beloved Clawd!

Spread the word and keep an eye out for him each Monday evening on our Facebook page. Weekly sightings will be posted, and the first person to correctly identify Clawd’s location and post the answer on our Facebook page will receive a FREE Nano Microchip. Micro-chip identification is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your pet are reunited, should he or she ever be lost or stolen. The best way is to quickly spread your lost pet’s photo and information to as many people as possible, by use of posters, Social Media and contacting all local veterinary clinics and animal shelters. Please share Clawd’s sightings on your Facebook page to help us get Clawd back!

Together, we can Find Clawd!

On the left you can see the type of photo that will be posted each Monday night. The first one to correctly identify where Clawd is, will win that week’s prize. Once the correct location is guessed, the answer photo (on right) will be posted showing the correct location.

Good luck and let’s Find Clawd!

*Winners can only receive prize twice so that others have an opportunity to win.

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