Hurricane Harvey 2017 Information

We know that many in our community are devastated and greatly affected, directly or indirectly from Hurricane Harvey, so we wanted to share some important information.

We’ve compiled some information that we feel will be helpful during this time of need. Please take a moment to read over this information, and please share with everyone you can on all forms of Social Media. And, remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Thursday, August 30th we were open from 10 am4 pm.

Friday, September 1st, we resumed normal business operating hours.

Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® is a drop off location for pet supplies for Pearland Pets. Please feel free to stop by and drop off any supplies you would like to donate.

In addition to Claws & Paws, you can drop off supplies at the following locations:

  • Pearland Animal Shelter at 2002 Old Alvin Road, Pearland, Texas 77581
  • Pearland Animal Hospital at 1601 North Main Street, Pearland, Texas 77581
  • Silverlake Animal Hospital at 10015 Broadway, Suite G, Pearland, Texas 77584
  • Pearland Pet Health Center at 10525 Hughes Ranch Road, Pearland, Texas 77584
  • Pearland 288 Animal Emergency Clinic at 10100 Broadway, Suite 102, Pearland, Texas 77584

If you find yourself or a friend or neighbor in need of pet supplies, please visit Pearland Pets’ website at for information on how you can possibly receive supplies.

If you have lost your pet, check the following pages.

If you have found a pet that is not yours, please post images and photos (if able) to:

If you are in need of veterinary supplies, please contact your veterinarian for supplies. Keep in mind that with the limited deliver schedule through normal distribution channels, supplies may be limited. You may only be able to get enough supply to last for a week or
so, until supplies are able to be restocked. Limiting the supply will allow more clients to be served. During this time, it is important to remember that many may be running low on supplies and we want to
service as many as we are able

All veterinary facilities and animal shelters have microchip scanners in so that each found animal can be scanned and returned to their owner. Please make sure your information is up-to-date with your microchip
company, so that when found, he or she can be returned quickly.

Additionally, you can show your support (in spirit and financially) when you purchase this #PearlandStrong shirt (below). All proceeds go directly to PearlandPets.

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