Importance of Dental Radiographs

Sophia is a beautiful, very sweet, female standard poodle. She had moderate tartar build-up on her teeth and came into our hospital for a cleaning. Each time we clean a patient’s teeth we do dental radiographs to assess tooth health below the gums. Over the years, many clients have asked us if this is really necessary when the teeth look good. Sophia is a good example of why radiographs are necessary. Because we took radiographs of Sophie’s teeth, we discovered that three of her teeth had abscessed roots. If we had not found this and addressed it, then, even after her teeth were cleaned, Sophie would have still been in discomfort. Because the radiographs were performed and appropriate measures were taken, Sophia will now be free of pain!

For information on teeth cleaning, please refer to our Dental handout or call one of our friendly staff members at 281-997-1426.

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