Sit, Stay, Learn

This is what we call our Free Educational Seminars, and we are proud to announce this that we have changed our format so that this educational project is now broadcast live over the Internet. Initially, we will utilize Facebook Live, but we may also utilize our YouTube Channel and perhaps will move to a multi-media live broadcast, which will allow for broadcasting on multiple platforms. This is obviously down the line a bit. This allows us the opportunity to reach more individuals and provide instant feedback on a wide scale.

Based on feedback from mobile text polls, client surveys, focus groups and interpersonal conversations with clients, we realize there is a desire for change from the way we have typically conducted these live educational seminars, and we are up for the challenge.

We are currently working to produce our first Live Sit, Stay, Learn seminar and we hope you’ll join us. We will continue to post updates here and on Facebook and let you know once we schedule our first broadcast. We are excited about this new venture and look forward to this project moving forward.

We will announce our next Sit, Stay, Learn Education Topic soon…


We think we will be ready for this towards the end of March, 2017. We are working to be able to answer questions via the comments section during the event itself.

If you have suggestions on topics you’d like to see in these 10-15 minutes lives sessions, please complete this short form below with your ideas.

We think these are going to be very popular sessions, and we look forward to addressing suggested topics that our clients want. If you have any question regarding this or future Live Seminars, please contact us via email ( or by telephone (281.997.1426).

As we develop a calendar of these “Live Sit, Stay, Learn Broadcast” seminars we’ll post them here:

  • Session 1 – Date TBA
  • Session 2 – Date TBA

We will develop other topics as we move forward, so please feel free to make suggestions for future topics using the form below.

Live "Sit, Stay, Learn" Broadcasts