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Taking the steps below will help ensure your pet is returned to you should he or she become lost.

Before He or She Becomes Lost

  1. Get your pet microchipped.
  2. Register your pet’s microchip number. You can register it with the manufacturer of the microchip and with a general microchip site, such as FreePetChipRegistry or AKC Reunite. We’ve listed common Microchip Manufacturers below.

If you are a Claws & Paws client, you can visit the ePetHealth website and upload a photo of your pet and print off Pet ID cards. This ID will have your information as well as your pet’s vaccination information.

Common Microchip Manufacturers include: (this is not a complete list)

  1. Home Again –
  2. Avid –
  3. DataMars / PetLink –
  4. Fetch ID –
  5. Nanochip –

If Your Pet Has Become Lost

Check the local Animal Emergency Centers. A complete list of the Houston Area Emergency Clinics can be found at

Contact your pet’s microchip manufacturer and let them know your pet has become lost. Verify your information is accurate and up-to-date.

Contact your local Animal Control Office / Shelter

  1. Pearland Animal Control – 281.652.1970
  2. Friendswood Animal Control – 281.996.3390
  3. Manvel Animal Control – 281.489.1212 (Police Department)
  4. Alvin Animal Control – 281.388.4331
  5. Houston SPCA – 713.869.7722
  6. Houston Humane Society – 713.433.6421
  7. Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC) – 713.229.7300
  8. Brazoria County Animal Control – 979.415.2700
  9. SPCA of Brazoria County – 979.849.6900
  10. Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter – 979.285.2340 x100

Contact all Veterinary Practices in your general area; not just the one you use for your pet. Make sure you check the emergency animal hospital as well. Most (if not all) veterinary hospitals have a lost and found process and when pet’s are found and brought into their clinic the first thing they do is scan for a microchip and then check their lost and found database.

Post recent photos of your pet on local Social Media sites, such as Pearland Lost and Found pets, Lost and Found Pets – Pearland, Manvel, Alvin. There are many groups on Facebook. A quick search such as Pearland Lost and Found Pets and you will see many sites. Post everywhere! The quicker you post, the better the likelyhood of a quick recovery.

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