Mobile App Ordering

After weeks of working on it, Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® is happy to announce, Mobile App Ordering. You can now order supplies such as food, flea & tick preventative and Heartworm prevention; pay for it and just stop by and pick up your order.

Order Page WebThink of it as ordering “take-out”; you place your order and stop by the clinic to pick it up. It’s simple to do. Open our Mobile App, click on the “Order for Pickup” tab; then simply, click on the category of product needed, followed by the type of product, and then, the size you’re looking for. You can then add this item, and others, to your Shopping Cart and check out.

When it comes to paying for your purchase, you have two options:

  1. Pay with PayPal or a credit card, using the shopping Mobile App, or
  2. Pay when you pick up your product at Claws & Paws

Either way, we’ll have your purchase ready in about 30-minutes (we ask for 60-minutes in case it’s busy). You can place your order any time, day or night. If you place an order during hours we are closed, please allow us time to fill your order when we arrive at the clinic.

Note: For the safety of your pet, if you order Heartworm Medication, please know that we cannot fill this request unless your pet has been tested for Heartworm within the past 12-months. If this test is needed, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to get this completed prior to us filling this request.

We will continue to add products to be purchased through this medium as we are able to do so, but we feel these are the products clients most often stop by to pick up.

Update: we have since updated some of the items here to include oral hygiene products, home care products and treats for both dogs and cats.

Emergency Page WebIf you haven’t already done so, download our Mobile App. In addition to this feature, there is an Emergency tab (see image to right) that lists every emergency and referral center in the Greater Houston Area. If you are away from home, but still in the Houston Area, and have an emergency, this tab will show you the closest emergency clinic to you. In addition to giving you the address, website and phone number, it will even give you navigation instructions to each facility. We believe this one feature is worth the time it takes to download.

If you would prefer to do all this shopping on an “old school” desktop computer, just look for the Order Online image in the top right of the website (it’s on every page). Simply click the button and a new Java Script page will open in front of our website. Go through the same steps and we’ll see you soon to pick up your product.