Mobile App Technological Advancements

Mobile App Technological Advancements

We have been hearing in the news lately about a lot of companies that are moving towards a new wave in technology. Many businesses have recently announced that you can now, or soon will be able to, make purchases through their Mobile App. Some of the businesses who have made announcements recently include:

Taco Bell – they allow mobile ordering where you place your order and pay using their Mobile App. You can let them know if you will be picking up your order in the drive-thru or in the dining area. When you arrive, you show the staff your order on the mobile app and they prepare the food and give it to you.

Starbucks – is currently testing coffee orders via their mobile app. You will, hopefully, soon be able to place and pay for your order using their mobile app and when you arrive at your local Starbucks, you’ll simply show your paid order and they will hand you your coffee. You will then be able to go back and add a tip if you feel so inclined.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries – allows you to place your order using their mobile app. It works just like using a computer, then you simply go to the restaurant and pay for and pick up your order.

Dominos Pizza – even has an online feature on their website where you can speak your order. Just as with the other examples above, you can then stop by your local Domino’s Pizza and pick up your order.

In an effort to stay up with this type of technology, Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® is also mobile friendly. Just as with the examples from the major corporations above, you can place an order for a number of items, including C.E.T. Chews (dental chews), pet food and flea & tick products. You can either pay for these items when you pick up your order or you can pay using your credit card on our Mobile App. You then simply, pick up the item(s) ordered. Either way, you can save time at Claws & Paws using our Mobile App.

In addition to this feature, you can also “Ask the Doc” a question using our voice recording feature. Your question will be forwarded to one of our Doctors and a caring staff member will contact you regarding your question; again, saving you time at Claws & Paws.

Another very client-friendly feature on our Mobile App, that we hope you’ll never need (but, it’s there if you do), is our Emergency Tab. This is the first tab you will see on the home screen and it lists every veterinary emergency and specialty practice in the Greater Houston Area. Look for the veterinary hospital that is closest to where you are at the time of your emergency, then tap on the location button (on the map) for information about that particular clinic, including address, phone number, website and hours of operation. Please note that not all clinics are open 24-hours a day. You can even get turn-by-turn directions using the GPS feature on your mobile phone.

In addition to our Mobile App, we also offer many other features for our clients, including mobile text reminders, text reminders for appointments, medication reminders, an extensive online catalog of medications we dispense. We are very busy with Client Education, utilizing such tools as our Quarterly Prints newsletters, Sit, Stay, Learn live seminars, Educational Tracks video series, staff created Client Handouts, online library of articles and very heavy Social Media education.

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