Did you know that Claws & Paws has a Mobile App? And, it’s completely free. You will find that other veterinary practices are starting to get mobile apps for their practices, but it’s unlike anything Claws & Paws has. Our mobile app is not a “cookie cutter” app. It was created and is managed completely by Claws & Paws. Not only have we had this Mobile App for a long time, but we were also the third Veterinary Practice (as far as we can tell) in the United States with a Mobile App.

We are proud of our Mobile App and feel that there are many features that are very helpful for not only our clients, but for anyone with a pet in the Greater Houston Area. Part of what makes our App so great is our Emergency tab; this tab lists every emergency and specialty practice in the Greater Houston area and you are able to locate the closest emergency veterinary clinic to where you are at the time of your emergency. Simply open the app and tap on the Emergency Tab right there on the home screen.

When you tab on this button, it will put up a map of the Houston area with a bunch of dots which represent the locations of all the emergency clinics. You can zoom in and out using your finger and thumb in a “pinching motion”. Across the top of the screen you can tap toggle the ER Clinics, Specialists and ER/Specialists practices. They are all displayed by default. Additionally, you can tap the menu button at the very top of the screen (next to the search icon) to change to a list option. Again, the map is displayed by default.

From either the map view or list view you can tap on a clinic for additional information, including links to each practice’s website, an address and their phone number. If you tap their phone number at the bottom of the screen, you can call them directly.

Other features of our App include lots of information about Claws & Paws, view our Newsletter, visit our online store, purchase Claws & Paws Apparel and see upcoming event, such as Santa Photos, any events we may be holding or attending, and much more.

We will continue to work on making this the best App possible for our clients and Mobile App users. If you have any suggestions for making this a better app, please send an email to mobile@cpvh.com and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Use one of the two links below to download our app now…It’s FREE!!!

We think one of the major pluses on our Mobile App is the emergency feature. Below is a short video demonstrating how the app works using you GPS enabled smartphone to get you to the nearest emergency clinic, or the emergency clinic you are trying to locate.