National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week

This week, National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week is November 6-13 and we would like to recognize what a fantastic group of people the City of Pearland has in our local Animal Services Organization. We would like to encourage each of those reading this to do a couple of things to show appreciation to the wonderful people over at 2002 Old Alvin Road, Pearland, Texas 77581.

  • Stop by the hospital here and sign a giant card we have that we will deliver to Pearland Animal Services on Thursday or Friday (10th or 11th) to show them we support and appreciate all the work they do. They often receive criticism for the job they do and rarely receive thanks. We think this card will go a long way to show them the people in the community appreciate them.
  • Consider taking something on your own to show them your appreciation. We would suggest cookies, treats or something special to eat for those that work so tirelessly at the Animal Services.
  • Consider donating items for animals in their care. With winter just around the corner (ha ha), there is always a need for towels, blankets and bedding to help keep pets in the facility comfortable and warm. There is always a need for pet food, dry and wet, for dogs and cats. You might also consider chew toys or rawhides and other supplies; things that dogs and cats just love to play with.
  • Consider donating monetarily. You can donate directly to the City of Pearland’s Animal Services through their website at
    • There is also a local organization that is working to raise money specifically to purchase an adoption vehicle for Pearland Animal Services. You can donate to Pearland Pets, a 501c3 non-profit organization, using the link below.

  • The Pearland Adoption Center can always use more volunteers. Registration is easy and you can do so right here. Enter your information and let them know when you’re available. You’ll be contacted and scheduled for volunteer training and then you’ll be ready to help in no time. Studies have shown that people and pets both benefit greatly simply through continued interaction with each other.
  • You can even volunteer to foster pets in your own home. This allows for more space in the facility and helps decrease the euthanasia rate so more pets can be adopted.
  • Become a Fan. Like their Facebook Page so you can follow them and see when pets are available or if there is a special need. You can share their posts on your own page to ensure these are seen by many people, even if you’re not currently able to help. They often post photos of lost pets so more people can be looking and hopefully get pets reunited with their families.
  • Lastly, adopt from your local animal shelter instead of purchasing your next pet. There are millions of animals in animal shelters across the nation in need of a loving home. There may even be one waiting for you.

The group of individuals at Pearland Animal Services does a fantastic job of working to reunite lost animals with their families as well as continuing to work non-stop at adoption events around town to try and get as many pets out of Animal Services and into their new forever homes.

If you end up adopting a pet from Pearland Animal Services, you qualify for a reduced price spay or neuter right here at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital®. You should only adopt if you are financially able and committed to the long term investment in owning a pet.

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