New to the area or looking for a Veterinarian?

You’re probably asking yourself why you should choose Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital. What do we do differently than other clinics?

Well, we’ve been where you are. We understand health issues you may be dealing with in your pets. And, we can help!

We’ve had our own pets who were limping and had to go through the same steps to find out what was wrong: exam, radiographs, medications, therapy and even acupuncture. So, we know how you’re feeling.

We’ve had our own pets who were attacked by other pets and had to go through the same process: exam, radiographs, surgery, recovery, therapy, medication and long-term rehabilitation. So, we know it’s sometimes a long, emotional process.

And then we’ve had good times with no apparent problems, but still knew the value of having our pet’s routine complete physical examination done to ensure that our baby was as healthy on the inside as the outside.

Regardless of the situation, the first step is to set up an appointment for a FREE complete physical examination. You can do so by calling us today at 281.997.1426 to schedule your first visit with us.

 Free First Exam and a whole lot more
This is what’s included at the time this page was created. Items may be different when you receive your bag.
  • Free first exam – a $63.75 value. You must mention this promotion when booking your appointment to receive your free exam. Limited to one pet per household.
  • Heartworm prevention – your puppy or kitten’s first dose of heartworm prevention is free. Up to a $25 value.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Gift Bag – Lots of free useful stuff in a reusable canvas gift bag. Here are the items typically in our gift bags…
    • A Welcome Letter
    • A map of all the Animal Emergency Clinics in the Greater Houston Area
    • A card for one free month of a Poop Free Yard (courtesy of PoopTroops)
    • A “Fireman Save Our Pets” Sticker for your home
    • A handout on how to properly brush your pet’s teeth to extend time between dental cleanings.
    • Information on how to download our free Mobile App which has helpful information at the tap of a button, using your smartphone.
    • Information on how to follow us on the Social Media platform of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and others)
    • A free sample of Clawd’s Choice shampoo
    • A dog poop bag holder for your pet’s leash -or- laser light for cat
    • A pet food measuring cup to ensure accurate food measuring for your pet to keep him at a healthy weight
    • Pet food refrigerator lids for partially used wet food for your pet
  • If you get a New Puppy or Kitten we have even more to offer you. Read about what you get on our New Puppy/Kitten page here.

Communication & Convenience:

Communication with you is a priority! We can communicate with you how you wish to be communicated with – whether that is in person, phone, email or text. We also have other ways to make your life a little bit more convenient!

  • Free 24/7 online access to your pet’s vaccination records, medication refills, and much more! Forget to ask for a copy of your pet’s vaccine records for your grooming appointment tomorrow? No need to worry as you can log-in and print them out!
  • A Free Mobile App that gives you instant access and driving directions to the closest emergency veterinary hospital, regardless of where you are within the Greater Houston Metro Area, among many other useful and helpful information and tools.
  • Schedule appointments online instead of calling. Of course if you want to call, we’re here to help.
  • Request heartworm/flea prevention and medication refill online.

How We Do Things

  • Like looking at online reviews before you try a place? People love us!! Read what they have to say here.
  • Keeping your pet healthy or helping your sick pet get better is why we’re here!
  • We treat your pets like they’re our pets.
  • Communication with you is a priority! We communicate with you in person, by phone, via email and via text.
  • ePethealth Pet Portals make your pet’s treatment and medication history available to you online, any time you need it.
  • YouTube Videos for education and fun. We’ve prepared a ton of useful education info as well as many fun videos that’ll keep you smiling. See the snapshot preview of (and a link to) these videos in one of the sections below.
  • Manufacturer Rebates, we love them! Several times a year, our manufacturers will offer rebates that take our already low heartworm preventative prices and make them a steal compared to online pharmacies. There are others, but one of our favorites is Elanco’s buy six Trifexis doses, get one free or buy 12 doses and get two free. Just in case we forget about a rebate or if there are none currently available, please always ask us if there are any heartworm/flea preventative manufacturer rebates available when you visit!
  • Most importantly, pets love us!
  • We think it is important for you to understand what a Complete Physical Exam consists of here at Claws & Paws, so we have put together a short description and video where Dr. Julie Wickel demonstrates.

Discounts Offered Year-Round

Our main focus is on your pet’s care, which is why we always make the recommendation we would want made to us. However, we are aware that great veterinary care doesn’t come cheap. As a result, we try to assist where we are able by offering a select few discounts that we believe help defer the cost of services. Discounts that we offer include:

  • Senior Citizen Discount: 5% off services and products for clients 65 years and older.
  • Military/First Responder Discount: 10% off services and products. We appreciate your service and understand that you don’t do this for financial gain. We also have a few veterans on staff.
  • Combination Services – Receive a $25 discount when you get a heartworm test and annual wellness labwork done at the same time. We send the blood one time and multiple tests are performed.
  • $50 discount on your pet’s dental cleaning when a doctor recommends the teeth cleaning and you have the cleaning completed within 30 days of the recommendation. This is to encourage dental cleanings before any conditions worsen. Waiting for even a couple months can cause a condition to become more critical.
  • Spay/Neuter Discount – If you adopt a dog or cat from Pearland Animal Control, we will perform the spay or neuter at the Pearland Animal Control agreed upon discount price. We believe in adopting pets vs. purchasing them, so we encourage you to check out your local animal shelter first.

When you bring your pet into Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital® you can be assured that your pet will receive a thorough physical exam from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. A detailed explanation and video of Dr. Wickel performing a physical exam can be viewed on our YouTube Channel here.

The following is a summary of the thoroughness of a physical examination that your Doctor will perform: the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and hair coat will undergo a visual examination; the abdomen will be palpated for any abnormalities; heart and lungs will be ausculted (listened to) to make sure that there are no abnormal findings; skin and genitalia will be palpated to make sure that there are no lumps or bumps. After the physical examination, your Doctor will address any findings and concerns that you may have.

The physical examination can give your veterinarian a lot of important information about your pet’s health. We recommend that this examination be performed on your pet every 6 months, even if they appear to be healthy. That is the equivalent of you going to your Doctor every 3-4 years.

Try us out by calling us now to schedule your pet’s appointment. For faster service on your first visit, complete this Online New Client Form. If you would prefer to Download and Print a New Client Form to bring with you to your first visit you can do so here.

*Must mention this promotion when booking your appointment to receive the free exam.

Watch this short behind the scenes video to see what we’re all about, what we do and why we do it.

We have a very extensive YouTube Channel with educational, informative and fun videos. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to be notified of new videos as they are added.

For information on Payment options at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital, please visit our Financial Options page.