Office Manager

Haley joined Claws & Paws in March 2014 as office manager for our hospital. She has multiple years of experience in the veterinary industry and has a wide variety of knowledge in different aspects of veterinary hospitals. Throughout her career, she has worked at four animal hospitals and is currently also part of our local animal emergency hospital team since April 2013. Throughout her career, she has worked in most positions of an animal hospital, including kennel technician, technician assistant, receptionist, front desk manager and office manager.

She was born and raised on the beautiful southwest coast of Oregon on the Pacific Ocean, moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2003 and then finally relocated to Pearland from New York City in 2008 with her long-time boyfriend, Sean.
Haley is the proud servant of six cats (George, Hewey, Darla, Chesty, Theodore and Fiona) and one super sweet dog, Betty, who oftentimes thinks she is a cat. Betty is registered as an AKC Good Canine Citizen of which allows her to visit hospitals, nursing homes, etc. with Haley and Sean in order to help bring happiness to the elderly and to those who are ill.

Haley is also the co-founder of a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Pearland Pets, which supports the Pearland Animal Shelter. She enjoys organizing events and fundraisers for Pearland Pets throughout the year, with the biggest fundraiser of the year being the Wags to Riches Gala & Casino Night held the first weekend after Memorial Day each year. She is very proud of what Pearland Pets has become in the community and the assistance that Pearland Pets is able to provide to the Pearland Animal Shelter in helping the shelter obtain their goal of becoming a No-Kill Shelter.

In the little spare time she has away from work and her non-profit organization, she enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, cooking and shooting her arsenal of guns. She also enjoys event planning, organizing donation drives and volunteering for other organizations and causes. She is also fascinated with severe weather, of which Texas provides her with plenty of entertainment.