Quarterly Prints (Spring) 2019

What’s New at CPVH?

We have added one new member to our staff: read more about Ty Crabb on her staff page.

All student externs from Robert Turner High School have completed their seven-month long training with Claws & Paws and are now focusing on completing their class work in preparation for graduation. Congratulations to Hannah, Paris and Justin!

Online Pharmacies, Know What You’re Getting!

by Christina Strickland

As internet pharmacies have become more numerous, it has become increasingly difficult for governing bodies to police these pharmacies to ensure safe practices. When you order through our online store, you can rest assured that your pet’s medications and preventatives come from a trusted source (your veterinarian!). Ordering through the Claws & Paws online store offers you the same brands you know, from the source you trust, with convenient home delivery.


Q: Won’t the service be impersonal? I love the face to face customer service I get at Claws and Paws!

A: At Claws and Paws Veterinary Hospital, we are available to help! Our online store is available as a convenience to our clients, but it will never replace the trusted care and customer service you have come to know and trust. The best thing about our online store is that your pet’s pharmacy records will be here at Claws and Paws, managed by your pet’s veterinarian.

Q: What if I order a prescription diet and my pet won’t eat it?

A: All prescription diets come with a 100%, money back, guarantee. If your pet won’t eat it or you are not satisfied in some way, just let us know.

Q: Isn’t the shipping expensive?

A: Nope, not at all. Shipping is free on diets, monthly heartworm and flea preventatives, and all orders over $49. If your order is less than $49, shipping is only $6.95.

Q: I know there may be risks purchasing medications from some internet pharmacies, but isn’t it worth it to save money?

A: Many times we meet or beat the price of major online retailers by offering promotions and rebates that are only available through your veterinarian.

Q: I like to buy my pet’s preventative one month at a time, can I do that online?

A: Yes! Sign up for our convenient Remind-Me Dosing! The Remind-Me program allows you to receive your pet’s heartworm and flea medication once a month. With convenient monthly billing, it is the easiest way to keep up with your pet’s heartworm and flea preventative.

Still have questions? Give us a call! 281.997.1426

How to Support the Pearland Animal Shelter

by Haley Greenway

There are many ways that people can support the Pearland Animal Shelter and the homeless pets in Pearland that are under their care. Whether you want to donate time, items, or money – there are several ways you can help!


Volunteers are needed at the Pearland Animal Shelter year-round. Volunteers are needed to simply walk dogs, love on them and brush them, for cleaning, feeding, laundry duties, etc. Volunteering for just a couple hours a month makes a difference. Anyone aged 14 years or older can volunteer. (Kids younger than 14 must volunteer with parent). All you need to do to become a volunteer is to attend a short volunteer orientation – held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Pearland Animal Shelter at 4:00 pm. Orientations typically last about an hour. No reservation required for orientation – just show up!

Foster A Pet

You can give a homeless pet a temporary, loving home while he or she is waiting for her forever home. Not only are you providing love and comfort to the pet in your home, you open up a cage for another pet to be able to be housed at the shelter. Fostering pets is a very rewarding experience for both you and the pet. If you’re able to open your home, even temporarily, please contact the Pearland Animal Shelter at 281-652-1970 or by visiting them at 2002 Old Alvin Road, Pearland, TX 77581 and let them know you want to help save a life!

Wags to Riches Gala & Casino Night

Pearland Pets, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, whose mission is to support the Pearland Animal Shelter by raising awareness for the shelter and raising funds for needed items, tools and services for the shelter, is holding their 5th Annual Wags to Riches Gala & Casino on June 2, 2019 at Killen’s Steakhouse. Claws & Paws is proud to once again be a sponsor of this wonderful event. You can help support the shelter by volunteering leading up to the event or at the event itself. You can also help by making a donation of any item for auction/raffle, a bottle of wine for the Wine Pull, or a scratch-off lottery ticket for a raffle. You can also help by spreading the word about the event and/or attending this fundraising event as a guest. A very limited amount of tickets are available for this event. Additional information about this event, tickets for the event, sponsor opportunities and more can be found at pearlandpets.com.

New Pearland Animal Shelter – Proposition D

A new Pearland Animal Shelter is on the May 2019 ballot as Proposition D. Friends of Pearland Animal Shelter has created a website to get the facts out about why a new shelter is needed, what Pearland Animal Services & Adoption Center does, details about this Proposition and how it will affect your pocketbook and more. You can find this information and much more at ShelterBond.com.

Spring Itch

by Ruth Lindsey, DVM
Spring is a time we see many dogs that are brought in for itching. This is not only uncomfortable for the pet but can be very irritating and frustrating for the owner. Pets that itch may scratch, chew, lick and rub themselves on furniture and flooring. The damage to the skin that results from scratching can also lead to secondary skin infections that can be painful and increase itching even more.

The first thing to make sure is that pets are on a good flea control product. Even if pets are primarily indoors or only go outside briefly in their own yard, they may be exposed to fleas being spread through the neighborhood by wildlife, stray cats or tracked into the house by people. In addition, some pets can be allergic to fleas which can result in extreme itching all over their body from even a single bite. Please call our office if you have questions about which flea product is best for your pets and their lifestyle. All animals in the household need to be treated for adequate flea population control.

The next most common cause for itching in dogs is an allergic reaction. Pets can have allergies to things they eat, breathe in, or from substances on their skin. As with humans, dust mites and pollens are some of the most common causes for allergies in pets. The most important thing to understand is that there is not a cure for allergies; but there are many things we can do to improve their comfort. We use baths and cleaning combined with medications (topical and oral) and special diets to control the symptoms of allergies and keep pets comfortable.

The best way to control allergies is by removing the substance causing the allergic reaction. If the allergy is thought to be in the food, using a special diet with ingredients less likely to initiate a reaction will be important. If the allergens are in the environment, it is important to keep the area the pet lives in as clean as possible. This may include frequent washing of bedding, vacuuming carpets and washing rugs, and use of HEPA air filters when possible. Bathing or wiping down the pet to remove particles from their coat and skin when they come in from outside can help limit exposure to pollens and dust from outdoors. Some animals have allergies to multiple substances which can make them more difficult to control.

When itching is mild, starting an over-the-counter antihistamine may be beneficial. These are most helpful when used consistently. They usually have minimalside effects and are safe for long-term use. Our office can provide an appropriate dose for your pet’s size and species.

In cases where itching is more severe and there is hair loss and damage to the skin, prescription medications may be used to help treat skin infections and control the itching and discomfort. These include medicated shampoos, topical and oral medications. Medications should be used as prescribed for best effect and to prevent resistant infections.

In severe cases, referral to a veterinary dermatologist may be recommended. The dermatologist can do allergy testing to determine specific causes for the allergic reaction and, in some cases, immunotherapy may be used to lessen the body’s response to specific allergens.

Rebates and Savings

by Trent Boyd
Did you know that we have several options and incentives for purchasing your pets’ medications, either from Claws & Paws directly or through our online store?

For our feline friends, we recommend Revolution Plus for heartworm prevention and flea & tick control. Zoetis, the makers of Revolution Plus, have a program called Zoetis Petcare Rewards that allows owners to earn benefits with each purchase, whether in single monthly doses, or money-saving 6-dose multipacks. Depending on the purchase, rewards can range from $5 to$35.

Heartworm prevention is a vital part of your pets’ health. We stock a variety of options, ranging from Heartgard (monthly oral prevention for heartworms and intestinal parasites) to Sentinel and Trifexis (which offer flea control in addition to heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention.) We also offer Nexgard, which is a supplemental monthly oral flea & tick prevention. They can each be purchased in single monthly doses or in 6-12 dose multipacks. Depending upon the product, there are mail-in rebates available for 6 packs ($5-10) or 12 packs ($12-25).

If you are looking for long-lasting topical flea prevention, we offer Seresto collars. Available for both dogs & cats, these specially designed collars offer up to 8 months of flea & tick prevention. Mail-in rebates are available for up to $15.

Although we don’t carry all products at Claws & Paws, we have a larger variety available through our online store which you can access at CPVH.com/Store.

Most of the rebates & rewards are only valid if purchased from a veterinarian. By purchasing through our online store, you meet this requirement, and might be eligible for additional savings through daily & weekly deals, and special promotional codes.