For the safety of all pets who board with us in our boarding facility, your pet must be current on vaccinations based on our vaccine protocol. (Also please see the Requirements for boarding, hospitalized & surgical patients section.)

In addition, we believe it is in your pet’s best interest that we are aware of his/her current health status. With that in mind, if one of our doctors has not performed a complete physical examination on your pet within the last 12 months, one will be required prior to admittance for boarding. However, if we have performed a complete physical examination within the past 12 months, your pet will be examined by a technician—weight, temperature, obvious skin, ear, and teeth problems upon admission. This is not considered a thorough physical exam. Should you wish for your pet to be examined by the veterinarian, please let a staff member know.

For our patients’ comfort, we have separate dog and cat facilities with natural lighting. Sick patients are never kept with our boarding pets. All the kennels are indoors and are air-conditioned and heated. Soothing music is on at all times.

Diabetic patients and pets requiring significant medication (such as wound treatment, heart, kidney, and seizure patients) will be charged an added fee along with the regular boarding fee. We take the health of our patients very seriously. We also board small exotic pets. Sorry, we do not see, treat or board birds.

To schedule your pet’s boarding reservation, or to read more about our Boarding Loyalty Program here

Here is a common sense “duh” type statement but one which our attorney says we must display: Any pet that requires veterinary attention will receive it at our discretion, and at the owner’s expense. We take it as a compliment that you trust us with the care and well-being of your family member. We feel that it is, therefore, our responsibility to try to do all that we can to return to you a healthy and happy pet.

Other facts about our boarding facilities and boarding policies:

  • We feed all pets a premium diet of Hills or Purina Veterinary Diets unless otherwise supplied
  • We feed twice daily unless otherwise instructed
  • All pets receive individual interaction when walked/exercised
  • Dogs are walked/exercised a minimum of twice a day in a fenced area
  • Puppies under the age of six months are walked a minimum of three times a day (however, they must be at least 16 weeks old in order to board with us)
  • Cats litter boxes are changed twice daily
  • Towels or blankets are provided for your pet’s comfort
  • We try to make your pet feel at home; please bring their favorite toys and blankets (we will mark/label these to prevent loss)

Be aware that your pet’s diet may have varied while away from home. Your pet may have barked at other
pets; or the temperature and humidity may have been slightly different from your home. This can create problems such as a sore throat, tonsillitis, or diarrhea. We seek to prevent such problems, but please understand that these problems do sometimes develop, even with the best of care. Owners will be charged appropriate fees for all medication and treatment needed for problems associated with conditions not directly under our control.

Note: Should your pet become stressed or have anxiety issues, we may use Essential Oral Therapy or Oral Anxiety Supplements. By boarding your pet with us, you authorize Claws & Paws to use this method of treatment.

If your pet requires a special diet, you will need to bring that with you or we can sell you a similar food for use while your pet is here. If your pet does not need a special diet we will furnish all normal food and bedding.
Fresh water is available at all times and pets are fed twice daily. All dogs are walked/exercised twice daily. All we need is your pet. Should you wish to bring your pet’s normal food, it will be given to your pet. Please let us know about any food allergies your pet may have.

We strongly recommend that all dogs be given a bath on the day of dismissal. The bath removes all kennel odor and any soiling caused by the pet soiling the kennel area. Many pets do not show evidence of fleas when admitted to the hospital, but in
fact do have flea eggs on the skin which are not seen. The flea may then hatch out in a few days. Kennels are often accused of “infesting” the pet. This is almost impossible in our kennel because all pets are kept in individual stainless steel kennels – and never exposed to another pet. The bath will also help to assure that your pet is “flea-free” when it leaves the hospital, as well as preserve our good reputation.

Because of the extra feeding, attention, and cleaning times needed for boarding puppies (over 16 weeks old), there is an additional charge added to the regular boarding fee. These pets will receive a complimentary clean-up bath on the day of dismissal, no matter how many days
that they have boarded with us.

Dogs staying in the hospital over four nights can receive a complimentary bath. This is a cleansing bath only and is not a full groom. We reserve the right to decline a pet its complimentary bath if in our judgment the pet’s coat is too long &/or matted. We may also decline the bath if the pet becomes too stressed or cannot be handled safely.

Pampered Pet Package

For a small additional daily fee, we provide extra walks, more personal playtime with staff members and extra treats. Pampered cats (they must be Feline Leukemia negative) will have periods of freedom/playtime in the cat ward.  Thanks for trusting us with your little baby. We look forward to your pet not only boarding with, but we look forward to pampering your baby.

To check for availability and to make reservation, please contact us at 281.997.1426 or via email at