This is what we call our Free Educational Workshops, and we are proud to announce that we have changed our format so that this educational project is now broadcast live over the Internet. Initially, we will utilize Facebook Live, but we may also utilize our YouTube Channel and perhaps will move to a multi-media live broadcast, which will allow for broadcasting on multiple platforms. This is obviously down the line a bit. This allows us the opportunity to reach more individuals and provide instant feedback on a wide scale.

Based on feedback from mobile text polls, client surveys, focus groups and interpersonal conversations with clients, we realize there is a desire for change from the way we have typically conducted these live educational seminars, and we are up for the challenge.

We are happy to announce our next live workshop. As we near the summer months, we know everyone is trying to get there summer, beach bodies back they lost over the winter. Sometimes we focus on ourselves and our four-legged family gets left out. That is exactly why this session in on Environmental Enrichment. We’ll be discussing great ways to help your pet stay healthy and active, even if you get busy over the spring and summer and aren’t able to do as much with them as you’d like.

As we develop a calendar of these “Live Sit, Stay, Learn Broadcast” workshops we’ll post them here:

If you’re interested in attending this event, click on the appropriate event to purchase your tickets today.

  • Meowers Edition – Saturday, May 19th

You’ll take home stuff from this session so that you can put into play, what you learn from this session. You’ll get about $25.00 worth of stuff for your $10.00 ticket. The $10 covers the cost of supplies and all proceeds will be donated directly to PearlandPets. We know this session is going to be popular and we have limited the tickets. Get your tickets today before they’re sold out. This session is an “in-person” session at Claws & Paws open to those 12 and older.
During this event we will likely broadcast some of the information using Facebook Live, but to get the whole experience and the actual crafts, you’ll need to be in attendance.

If you have suggestions on topics you’d like to see in our 10-15 minute Facebook Live sessions or in our In-Person Sessions, please complete this short form below with your ideas and we’ll try to put something together.

We think these are going to be very popular sessions, and we look forward to addressing suggested topics that our clients want. If you have any question regarding this or future Live Seminars, please contact us via email ( or by telephone (281.997.1426).