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Hailey was born and raised in Fresno, Texas and went to Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas.

Hailey has always been passionate about animals and animal care as well as helping people. She was in several groups to help disabled teens as well as other students throughout her high school career. She is dedicated to making pet care easily and readily available to all owners as well as their pets and turned to veterinary reception to achieve this.

Hailey has grown up with and around animals her whole life whether exotic, farm, or companion and has a deep-rooted love for all species of animals and pets. She currently has one dog and two cats but has had a wide variety of animals including a hedgehog and lizards.

Hailey has grown up around the Pearland area and currently lives just outside of the Pearland city limits. She is excited to meet many new people and help their beloved companions.

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