Our Support Staff

Below are the individuals that make us our support team. These individuals are Technician Assistants, Student holding Extern/Intern positions and volunteers. We’re glad to have all of them on our team.

Faith Butts

Technician Assistant

Faith was born in Greeley, Colorado, but moved to Pearland when she was just four years old. She attended school at Rustic Oaks Elementary, and during one of her hearing and vision screenings learned she was completely deaf in her left ear. Read more…

Ally Grantham

Technician Assistant

Ally Grantham is a live long Pearland resident, having been born and raised here. She is a Pearland High School student with an anticipated graduation of 2018. In school, she is enrolled in agricultural classes. She also enjoys studying about small animal management. Read more…

Riddhi Ramraj

Turner Career Center Extern

Riddhi is a senior attending Turner College & Career high school. She is enrolled in a Veterinary Assistant class where veterinarians explain how to administer shots and perform various surgeries. Being in this class, Riddhi has gained a hands-on learning of what to expect in a veterinary hospital and how to complete numerous tasks. Read more…

Jennifer Burn


Jennifer Burn is from a native Houstonian and quickly moved to Pearland, Texas very young in life. Her goal in life is to go to college at University of California, Davis with aspiration of becoming a veterinarian. Read more…

Lindsay Diekman


Lindsay started an externship here at Claws & Paws in March, 2017 and is so excited to start her career in the veterinary field. She is a 2017 graduate of the Veterinary Technician Institute in Houston and performed academically as one of the top in her class. Read more…