Our Support Staff

Below are the individuals that make us our support team. These individuals include Client Relations Staff, Technician Assistants, Students holding Extern/Intern positions and volunteers. We’re glad to have all of them on our team.

Christina Strickland

Client Relations Specialist

Christina began working at Claws & Paws in February 2009. She began her veterinary career in 1997, in Southern Maryland, working in wildlife, veterinary emergency, avian and exotics practices. Christina made the leap to Texas in 1998 only to move on to Seattle, Washington in mid 2000. After giving birth to her lovely Daughter, Christina and her family made the journey back to Texas, where she has been living happily ever since. Read more..

Jessica Birdsong

Social Relations Specialist

Jessica is a Pearland High School Class of 2013 graduate who has a Great Dane named “Moose.” Two Golden-Doodles, a Terrier mix, and a German Shorthaired Pointer. Jessica has always loved animals. Because she tries to bring home (rescue) as many animals as she can, her dad affectionately calls her Ellie Mae Clampett. Read more…

Morgan Strickland

Technician Assistant

Morgan has loved animals her entire live and has never been a day without a pet. She currently has two dogs. Carl, who she personally named at the age of five. Read more…


Jasmin Scott

Technician Assistant

Bio coming soon….