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Welcome Team

Morgan has loved animals her entire life and has never been a day without a pet. She currently has one dog. Carl, who she personally named at the age of five, is a Great Dane Catahoula mix. A cat named Banya, who pretty much runs the show and then three male rats, named after the characters on her favorite television show, Danny, Joey and of course Jesse. These of course come from the television show Full House.

Morgan is currently a high school student. She is very active in extra-curricular activities, including skating, with an interest in roller-derby, playing the ukulele, Toastmaster (a public speaking group) and her church, where is working towards her goal of one day being a student pastor.

She is currently enrolled in her church’s youth leadership program working towards her goal.

Morgan loves hanging out with friends, playing the ukulele and performing at local open-mic events any chance she gets.

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