Toe Grips – Instant Traction

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Toe Grips – Instant  Traction for Senior and Special Needs Dogs

So, what are Toe Grips, and how do they work? Here is a short discussion on why a pet would need ToeGrips. So who could benefit from these?

  • Slipping senior dogs
  • Dogs with hind end weakness
  • Rehabilitating dogs
  • Dogs with cruciate ligament injury
  • Dogs with mild neurologic deficits
  • Blind dogs

Dogs are designed to engage their toenails for traction and ToeGrips aid this process for pets who may be suffering from any of those ailments listed above. ToeGrips create contact with the ground at the GipZone, just behind the bottom of the nail tip. ToeGrips are natural rubber rings, which slide onto your dog’s toenails to provide traction on floors and stairs.

For safe and successful use, ToeGrips must be accurately sized, properly applied, and monitored to ensure proper position. Complete, illustrated instructions are located inside each package and you can view the short tutorial video below. To properly size the ToeGrips, you’ll need a string (dental floss works), a marker and a centimeter ruler.

Here is a video on how to properly apply ToeGrips. You’ll need Isopropyl Alcohol and a small container to soak the ToeGrips in so they become flexible enough (malleable) to apply to each nail. A ToeGrip is not needed for dewclaws as these claws do not touch the ground under normal walking condition.

If you’re interested in ToeGrips or feel your pet is a good candidate for ToeGrips, please contact us at the clinic at 281.997.1426 so we can discuss this option or schedule a consultation if needed, and our staff can apply the ToeGrips on your dog as an added service.

ToeGrips Measuring ChartFor your convenience, we have added the ToeGrips measuring Chart here. This chart is also included in the package of ToeGrips. We do currently have these available for purchase at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital®. Click on the chart for a larger, printable version.