Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects and say “Thank You” to those who have served. For one glorious day, veterans are joined by everyone else around the nation who doesn’t spend every waking moment breathing military stuff as veterans do. For one day, we stand united in respect for our veterans.

According to this holiday started as a day to reflect upon the heroism of those who died in our country’s service, and was originally called Armistice Day. It fell on Nov. 11 because that is the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. However, in 1954, the holiday was changed to “Veterans Day” in order to account for all veterans in all wars.

There are several ways to show your support of veterans locally:

  • Participate in Events
  • Consider Donating to a Veteran Organization – there are a number of national and local organizations where you can contribute, for both human and animal veteran organizations. A local, Pearland organization is OATH (Outdoor Association for Texas Heros, Inc). There is a DAV (Disabled American Veterans) thrift store in Alvin at 2625 Texas-35 Loop #140. You can donate usable clothing and household items that they can sell use the money to support the activities of the DAV in the Houston metropolitan area.
  • Help Canine Veterans – U.S. War Dogs K9 Care is an organization that provides items to K9 veterans. You can read more about this organization and how you can help here as we are a drop-off location for this organization.
  • Sport Some Military Apparel –  You can even purchase veteran items that you can wear to show your support of veterans. One such location is the VFW Store at

  • Bring Awareness – help bring awareness to the fact that on average 22 veterans commit suicide each day in the U.S. You’ve probably seen a video or two of one of your veteran friends completing 22 push-ups for 22 days in an attempt to bring awareness to this fact. Consider doing this yourself and share these on your own Social Media pages.
  • Ask Someone About Their Service – just about all of us know at least one person who has served and Veterans Day is a great time to ask them about their service. Sometimes the best thing to do is just listen. Some questions to help you get started are: What branch of the service did you serve in? When did you serve? What was your favorite moment in all the time you served? Do not ask if they have ever shot or killed anyone.


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