West Texas – Explosion Help

Any time there is a natural disaster that affects pets, Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital and the surrounding community wants to step up and help. The Fertilizer Plant in the city of West Texas is no exception.

We’d like for you to consider making a donation to the animals of West, Texas. Many supplies are needed, and we are working with the other veterinary clinics in the community to get these needed supplies to them.

Our very own Hospital Administrator, Dorian Strickland, will load up his truck and drive these supplies up there as soon as we are able to get a truck load of supplies. Please consider helping.

Visit one of the six Pearland Veterinary Hospital to drop off your donations.

  • Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital – 2556 East Broadway
  • Pearland Animal Hospital – 1601 North Main Street
  • Westside Veterinary Hospital – 6034 West Broadway
  • Silverlake Animal Hospital 10015 Broadway, Suite G
  • Pearland Pet Health Center – 10525 Hughes Ranch Road
  • Shadow Creek Veterinary Hospital – 11041 Shadow Creek Parkway

It is times like these that the Veterinary community comes together to help those in need. Please make a point to drop off donations, if you are able to one of the veterinary hospitals listed above.

We’re working together to help those in need. Click here for a flyer.

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